The best three exciting summer vacation books

Summer is perfect for holidays. With the diversity of children at home and the weather throughout the week, then you will have to fill your bags and head to the countryside for the perfect weekend getaway experience. This would be the best thing to do, unfortunately, sometimes we have to stick to the second. And if you're not physically vacationing, you can definitely buy cheap travel books online, go to your personal vacation to the great places, and restore the experience through the author's eyes. For all your hard-working people who can't afford to vacation this summer, here is a list of three great travel books you can order online instantly. Let's Begin.

Unbelievable Destinations: A Lonely Planet Story

If you've been traveling, you must have heard of the most popular travel guide brands – The Lonely Planet. The company started in the seventies of the last century, and this book tells the story of the founders when they started their journey from England and traveled all over the world until the twenty-first century to collect vital tourism information and grow their business all the time. This book blends fun and travel with business struggles and overall is a great story to capture for your summer reading.

Eat, pray, love: Elizabeth M. Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love is not your usual travel tour, but we cannot talk about travel books and we lose this book. The book is a memoir of a woman who refused to be crushed due to her divorce and the depression that followed. Elizabeth Gilbert embarks on a journey around the world to explore three distinct aspects of her nature – pleasure, sincerity and balance between worldliness and divinity. The books take you to Italy, where Gilbert explores the country known for its romantic tendencies. She then heads to India, where she is close to her inner self, then finally landed in Bali, Indonesia, where she balances her life. Gilbert is an honest author and she does not raise any concerns about revealing human weaknesses. If you want honest notes of a woman venturing into a strange journey to find her identity, you should order this book online now.

In a sun-burned country: Bill Bresson

If you've never gone to Australia then this amazing book written by Bryson will be sure to plan the hell of a trip to Kangaroo Land. Bill Bresson is a prolific travel writer, and almost all of his books are great, so choosing one of them is a challenge in itself. This highlights one because there aren't many Australian travel books that are as good as this one. Turn the pages and you will find yourself mentally down next to Bill going through a wonderful and sometimes frightening experience of jellyfish encounters, dealing with fraud and crossing valleys and overcoming fear of snakes, crocodiles and spiders! Australia is a huge country full of wonderful people and beautiful natural vistas that Brison brings you. You can buy this book for cheap online at any stores today.

We are sure that these books will make up for your lost summer vacation. Check out these books at your local bookstore or buy cheap travel books online. Also tell us if we missed a travel book that you think should be on this list.