5 tips for Nepal travel on budget sharing

Whether you are heading to the Langtang Tilman Pass Trek Challenge, an excursion in the Everest region, or just going for a short trip into the tourist areas of Nepal, every traveler thinks of a significant reduction in the bank amount. But this is not true when you find some travel advice.

Visiting a tourist place in Nepal on a budget is not a difficult task when you find cheap accommodation and a place to eat. Although budget travel isn't just about cheap food and survival, it's also about spending less money. So if you want a successful budget trip in Nepal with interest in your bank amount, we have received some advice for you:

1] Learn to bargain

Bargaining is something that will definitely be useful for your trips. Whether you're shopping for street shopping or dealing with your stay, you should bargain for less. The first rule of bargaining is that you never settle for the aforementioned pricing. The Nepalese have great bargaining skills and never let them get lost.

2] Find a cheap place to stay and shop

If you are traveling to Nepal on a budget but want to taste local dishes and shop souvenirs, always look for a cheap place. Most tourist places charge high prices, but you can get them cheaper in another part of the city or city. Knowing the best place and saving money.

The same applies when you are on a hike in the mountainous part of Nepal. For example: When you head to the Everest Three Tour, you should stay in a local home rather than discover an expensive luxury hotel.

3] Stay out of the main market

The main market area is always expensive and crowded on this street in Nepal. You can save some colors if they remain in a less popular area instead of the main market. Make sure you get local transportation or rent a private car to get around the city easily.

4] Local benefit

Local access to massive information about the place from any travel guide or guide we can offer you. They lived here and knew the place properly. You can ask the local about the hotel price, food and find out the best. Being a friend or just talking to them can save your money and also add a unique travel experience.

5] Buy a budget travel package

If you want to purchase an excellent travel package, we suggest that you choose a budget travel package. There are many travel packages and tours that provide an attractive budget travel package for its clients. Find the best travel package and find the best price for your adventure.

If you want to travel to Nepal independently, we suggest that you rent a guide in Kathmandu that can be much cheaper than the budget travel package.

Please note that in advance of the high season you book a plane and hotel ticket to secure your travel.