Cheap Travel Insurance Australia

If you are considering buying cheap travel insurance, Australian insurance companies are definitely the way to go. These days, there are many options for Australian holiday insurance plans, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Once you have found the low-cost holiday insurance company that is right for you, consider scheduling a consultation with a representative to discuss your coverage options. The following is a basic guide for different types of insurance:

1] Travel insurance

One Outbound Trip – This plan provides comprehensive coverage for those interested in a one-off trip abroad, valid for 365 days after purchase. It is ideal for non-interested travelers who want to add some extra protection to their holiday investments.

Local Individual Trip – The Local Individual Trip Plan is essentially the same as for an external plan, except that it only covers trips made within the country.

Medical Coverage Only – This is often the cheapest travel insurance available, covering only health, medication and rescue incidents. It does not cover property, liability or cancellation, and is useful for those who want a simple and basic package. Usually it covers an unlimited amount of hospital expenses, so it is a great way to travel insurance for travelers seeking peace of mind.

Multiple Annual Trips – This cheap annual travel insurance plan covers travelers on an unlimited number of trips over the next year, both inside and outside the country. The maximum length of the trip is 90 days, and families are often eligible for discounted travel insurance deals.

Backpacker Coverage – Backpacker coverage is generally focused on health and wellness, as this is the basic problem facing travelers on foot. However, it can also be extended to cover property and cancellation if desired.

2] Ski insurance

Ski Cover – If you are traveling abroad to go skiing, this plan will cover you if you close the piste, rescue the helicopter, close the crash and bad weather.

Australia Only Ski Cover – This is pretty much the same as the external plan, but it only applies to trips that take place within Australia.

Annual multi-trip ski cover – This plan covers an unlimited amount of trips during a 365-day period. It's a great choice for hungry skiers!

3] Corporate travel insurance

These unique plans are designed to cover a whole team of employees. If your business line requires your employees to travel frequently, corporate travel insurance may be the right choice for you. These plans cover employees and their families on business trips as well as holidays.