How to travel the world cheap

The truth is that most people love to travel. This is because the unknown excites you in general. With extensive access to the information we currently have, it is easy to browse the pictures of beautiful countries, sparking the desire to travel even further. However, unfortunately this is fairly expensive fun. So, not everyone can afford it. However, there are some tips that will help you to travel much cheaper and in some cases for free.

1. Swap houses

In fact, house swapping has become a fast trend and you can even find this method in some of the most popular travel sites. The fact is that the majority of travel expenses go towards accommodation. Therefore, when you switch your home with other fellow travelers, you eliminate this type of expense and make your trip much cheaper. It also has features like a fully equipped kitchen, proper bathrooms and things you won't find in a cheap hotel.

2. Carol

This term concerns many people traveling within the same car. For example, you can search for someone traveling in the same direction and you can split expenses in half. As you can imagine, the more people you get, the less you will pay for travel.

3. Hitchhiki

This is an old way to travel for free. Basically, what you want to do is try to stop people off the road and get them to lead you in the direction they're heading. It's a great way to meet new locals and it's completely free, although some hikers offer some money in exchange for the service.

4. Become a crew member of a cruise ship

This is a way not only to travel for free but also to earn a few dollars. Enjoy visiting a wide range of countries on a regular basis and earn money while doing so. Of course, there are some downsides – it will obviously work, so there may not be enough time for sightseeing, but the crew usually get a few days when the ship arrives at its destination. This must be the best time for you to look around.

5. Use budget airlines

A few years ago, many airlines were created that offer incredibly low rates for their tickets. This is mainly due to the fact that you will fly without almost any additional comfort, but after all, your main goal is to see the world, not to fly in first-class aircraft.

All in all, there is a wide range of things you can do if you want to travel around the world cheap. Not every solution is very expensive, and if you use a combination of different tricks, you can end up with a really affordable trip. Don't take these into consideration especially if you want to save some money for sightseeing.